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  • Share Savings
  • Share Certificates
  • Checking
  • VISA Check Cards 
  • VISA Gift Cards
  • ACH (Automatic payments)
  • Direct Deposit
  • Payroll Deduction
  • New and Used Vehicle Loans
  • First and Second Mortgages
  • Signature Loans
  • Overdraft Protection
  • GAP Insurance Coverage
  • Vehicle Warranties
  • CUMONEY VISA Travel Money
  • Notary Service
  • ATM's
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  • States Quarter Sets

  • Presidential Dollar Sets


Ameritas Employees
Credit Union

Serving the employees of
Ameritas and their families
for over 60 years.

What's New...

Ameritas Employees Credit Union and
MembersOwn Credit Union
Announce Proposed Merger

Lincoln, Nebraska - Ameritas Employees Credit Union and MembersOwn Credit Union have mutually signed a Definitive Merger Agreement to combine  their memberships and resources into one credit union.

 “The similarities of these credit unions make this partnership a win-win for everyone, most especially the members. The more a credit union grows and the more efficiently it operates, the more earnings it will yield and the more members will benefit,” says Kenn Miller, President of MembersOwn Credit Union.

 Ameritas Employees Credit Union and MembersOwn Credit Union pride themselves on providing friendly personal service, affordable loans, competitive savings rates and continually adding new products and services to meet members’ needs.

 Through this partnership, Ameritas Employees Credit Union members would gain access to the variety of products that MembersOwn Credit Union has to offer like real-time debit cards, credit cards and lower fees on lending products.  In addition, services such as, a mobile banking app compatible with both iPhone and Android devices, MoneyDesktop (a financial aggregation application) and a nationwide network of over 5,000 shared branch locations, including eight in Lincoln, would be easily accessible to all members.

 This joined credit union’s larger membership and collective resources would make adding new products and services more cost effective in the future including many that would have been out of reach for either credit union on their own.

 Each credit union is owned by its members and is not-for-profit, meaning they return their earnings to their members. Every member owns an equal share of the credit union regardless of what accounts or balances they may have. Since both participating financial institutions are credit unions, there are no outside investors or stockholders. If this opportunity comes to fruition, the resulting credit union would remain locally and solely owned by the combined membership.

 All discussions and decisions are subject to membership approval, regulatory oversight and state law.

To stay informed on the progress of this opportunity visit www.membersowncu.org and www.ameritasecu.com.



Vacation Loans are back from June through August!

 Treat yourself to the vacation you need this summer with a Vacation Loan from the Ameritas Employees Credit Union.  Through August 29th, you can borrow up to $1,500.00 for 12 months at a base rate of 8.75% Annual Percentage Rate.  Stop in, call us at 402-467-7865, or visit us at ameritasecu.com today!

 Vacation Loan – Truth-In-Lending Disclosure/Agreement for Loan at Base Rate

Annual Percentage Rate

The cost of your credit as a yearly rate.


Finance Charge

The dollar amount the credit will cost you.


Amount Financed

The amount of credit provided to you on your behalf.


Total of Payments

The amount you will have paid after you have made all payment as scheduled.


Your Payment Schedule Will Be:

Number of payments     Amount of Payments


                         12                                $139.74

Late Charge

All loans more than 15 days past due will be assessed a late payment fee of $35.00.

Any late fees incurred will be added to the minimum monthly loan payment.

Processing Fee

For a Vacation Loan, there will be a $100.00

Loan Processing Fee.

Security Interest: Collateral securing other loans with the Ameritas Employees Credit Union may also secure this loan.  You are giving a security interest in your shares and dividends.

Prepayment:  If you pay off early, you will not have a penalty. Payments are due monthly beginning 30 days after the loan date.


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Important Information about the Heartbleed Vulnerability

Ameritas ECU is always concerned about security and making sure our Internet Account Access is fully protected.  We have verified with our primary provider, Innovative Technology, that the Heartbleed OpenSSL CVE 2014 0160 vulnerability will not affect Innovative Technology or any of its clients. All Innovative Technology external facing web applications reside on MS ISS servers, which do not utilize OpenSSL, and are therefore not vulnerable to this.


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Visit our partner Centennial Lending
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Read about our two auto buying tools!

Member Auto Premier

Shopping for a new vehicle and looking for a no-haggle, one-price program? Then visit our latest program, MAP (Member Auto Premier. A MAP representative will guide you through entire auto buying process, help you find a vehicle locally, and refer you to a participating "no-haggle, no-hassle" dealer. MAP dealers provide low members-only prices on new cars and special purchase incentives on used cars. Click the MAP logo above or call 877-952-2345 to find out how to save time or money on your next vehicle purchase.

Click here for the latest MAP Authorized Dealer List.

Conduct your own online auto buying research from wherever you are.  You can shop a national inventory, request vehicle quotes, and apply for a loan with the credit union.  There are loan calculators and tutorials on how to make your auto buying experience a rewarding and memorable one. Click the button above to get started.




Click here for the
Ameritas Employees Credit Union
Funds Availability Policy Disclosure


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